How do you currently keep your customer sites safe? We’d love to help you solve technical issues and also build up a recurring revenue stream.

Our reseller program is open to advertising agencies, freelancers and other WordPress creatives who care about giving quality support and building long-term relationships with their customers.

We work closely with our resellers and are picky about who we work with because we want to ensure quality across the board for end-users, our resellers and of course our own reputation.

Your Own Dev Team

We offer all the technical expertise to host, secure, support and maintain your customer sites. We also have developers to help you edit themes, CSS, broken plugins and other changes.

We offer you priority support so we can help you with anything you are trying to achieve. Theme and plugin recommendations as well as best practices and SEO methods are all at your disposal.

More Sales

Each month we send a report to end-customers that details steps they can (and should!) take to improve security, technical SEO etc. As a reseller, you can also add your own suggestions (visual improvements, content improvements etc) which create more work and revenue for you.

Monthly Revenue

Not only do we create value for your customer and yourself through the reports and suggestions, but we also create a recurring revenue stream for you.

We pay 20% of the sold plan to the reseller which quickly adds up to a nice revenue stream. This 20% commission is paid every month for as long as they are a customer.


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