Startup Security Audit

Worried about your website security?

For a limited time, we are offering free Startup Audits. Our security specialists complete a preliminary audit of your website and write a report detailing any security issues found on your site. If you have some concerns about your website security, this is a great way to get started fixing them.

The audit is not generated automatically and will take three working days to complete.

Order your audit below and be sure to confirm with company decision-makers / website owners before ordering. We confirm permissions before starting any work.

Your audit will include information such as the CMS you are using and potential pitfalls. Code utilization to find plugins and themes and their versions. Information leakage in the code and also in Google. We use only passive methods of information gathering so you don’t have to worry about any excess load on your server and it will not affect your website or cause any downtime.

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Questions & Answers

What is a security audit?

A security audit looks at different factors such as server, server settings, website software, plugins, themes as well as information leakage into search engines such as Google. The results are collected into a report with recommendations on how to improve the issues.

How long does a Startup Audit take?

The Startup Audit is a more compact version of our regular Basic Security Audit and will take three business days to complete. The audit is not automated.

What if there are important issues that should be fixed?

You should discuss the changes with your current website maintainer. You can also consider contacting us for an estimate and the WP-Ensure service would take care of your site.

What if there are no issues that should be fixed?

That’s a great starting point. Unfortunately when it comes to security, there are always flaws to be found but they might be a bit deeper than the Startup Audit can find. You might want to consider having a more in-depth audit.

We are currently offering free Startup Audits to help you get started in securing your site.