We are bringing back the term ‘Webmaster’ because it perfectly describes what we do.

What ‘Webmaster’ Means

The term ‘Webmaster’ used to refer to someone who managed all aspects of a website used for someone who manages everything relating to a website including hosting, monitoring search engines, speed, and traffic. It was an umbrella term for someone who helped you manage your site, exactly what we do.

What Webmasters Do

A good webmaster will:

  • Alert you to upcoming problems.
  • Keep track of ongoing issues.
  • Help you understand analytics data.
  • Suggest possible improvements to the code or site based on data.
  • Fix any coding issues on your site.
  • Coordinate between you and your hosting provider.
  • Translate technical jargon into actionable steps.

This means you have a good working relationship with your webmaster and can trust them to help develop your website.

How They Died Out

Webmasters used to be essential because the general public was not yet familiar with website technology and was still getting to grips with what the internet could mean for them.

As the internet became more commonplace, people became more tech-savvy, and thanks to tools like Wix, WordPress.com, and good old-fashioned HTML page builders, end-users could create and maintain their own websites.

These DIY websites were limited to mainly content-based sites to start with, although SaaS services such as Shopify have bridged that gap. This led to the decline of the traditional webmaster.

Why We Still Need Them

Large companies outsource their maintenance to large tech companies which of course expect large invoices for the privilege. Who is maintaining the medium and small sites?

Most developers work for large tech companies and as there are not enough developers in the world (at the moment at least), all of the smaller coding companies are being bought out by bigger ones. Who is coding the medium and small sites?

Additionally, security and privacy are important considerations. Not having to rely on third parties for important business assets means you have complete control over where your data is stored. Webmasters help you do that.

We believe that a working and secure website/e-commerce/application (or anything online) is for everyone and we would like to help you achieve your goals with your website.

Contact us for more information and an informal chat about your goals.

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