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Starter Audit

The best way to identify risks and start securing your website free-of-charge.

“The audit was really useful. Every company should order an audit from you.”

A customer with a serious data leak.

More Information

A Starter Audit is a great way to find out whether your website is at risk so you can take action to solve issues before they become problems.

Our audit is entirely passive. We will not try to break into your website. We gather risks from the public-facing side of your website (just like the bots do) and show you how bad bots could take advantage of your site and what to do about it.

Things We Check

  1. Data leakage from the code of your site. This can tell us information about your CMS versions, plugins installed, old plugins, old core versions, etc.
  2. Information about your DNS hosting and how well you are protected against DDoS attacks.
  3. Information about your current hosting, how quickly the server responds, and potential issues with DNS configuration.