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WP-Ensure is a website security platform that secures, maintains, and monitors your WordPress website or network.

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Stay off the News

Finnish news has once again been filled with troubling news that are particularly interesting for those of us who like to make a big fuss about cybersecurity.

Marketing Videos

Marketing is a tricky beast. As natural nerds with complex privacy needs, we’d rather the company grow through word of mouth, preferably whispered in potential customers’ ears.

Privacy Policy Updates

We’ve just updated our Privacy Policy and made a decision on how we want to manage data sensibly and transparently when it comes to our website, marketing strategies, and values.

Keep It Simple, Stupid

The KISS principle is a golden oldie. Keeping your website as simple as possible with a minimum of third-party dependencies is good for privacy but also affects speed, security, and usability also.


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"WP-Ensure has tightened security on my site, and stopped malicious users in their tracks -Highly recommend!"

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