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WordPress Security Course

A completely free course on how to secure your WordPress website.

Course Content

Each day you’ll receive a lesson covering the following topics in depth:

Day 1 – DNS
How to stop bots and attackers from even reaching your website.

Day 2 – Servers
A comparison of hosting options and which are the best for security.

Day 3 – Securing WordPress
How to secure WP itself including WAF and best practices for updates.

Day 4 – Security Hardening
How you can harden your site against attacks including hardening your db, user accounts, and more.

Day 5 – Monitoring
How monitoring can alert you to potential problems before they blow up, and what kind of monitoring is possible.

Day 6 – Backups
Best practices for handling backups and restore should the worst happen.

Day 7 – Advanced Topics
All about security and code auditing and who it’s for.

Feedback from the course:

I really liked the course. It was simple, on-point, easy to understand and written in a way that made it fun to read.

Doesn’t have anything that in my opinion needs improving or changed. Good stuff!

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