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Escalate Your WP Problems to Us

We help WP professionals improve their service and customer after-care.

Senior WP Devs

We offer complete technical support to agencies and freelancers.

  • Get customer websites out faster.
  • Solve issues faster with our experienced full-stack devs.
  • Critical support is available to help you meet your deadlines.
  • We are careful to make sure that our Partners have the same commitment to quality as we do, so our support channels are always ready to serve.

Secured Websites

We secure, maintain and monitor your customer websites.

  • Reduce risk by providing comprehensive website security to your customers.
  • Never worry about updates breaking your sites again.
  • Offer your customers the best after-care available.
  • Predict issues and have them solved before they become problems.

Recurring Revenue

Our Partners receive 20% commission forever.

  • Build a recurring revenue stream rather than handing it off to regular insecure hosting.
  • Connect with customers monthly and be top of their mind when they need your services.
  • Give your customer real value every month by helping their site develop.

Technical Support

We focus on quality and we expect our Partners to do the same. For more information on the qualities we hold dear, see our article on Technical Quality.

Here are some of the ways we do that.

  1. We don’t outsource coding work because of both ethical and security concerns.
  2. You will always know the name of the person who is taking care of you and your customers.
  3. We have both critical support as well as regular support channels so our Partners can decide the appropriate priority of requests.
  4. We are full-stack senior developers which means we have decades of experience in both front-end coding and back-end integrations and can handle any issue or advise on a plan of action.

Secured Customer Websites

In 2017 we realized the need for better security and management of our own customer sites. We started developing the WP-Ensure platform which combines best practices and services to ensure sites are well maintained, backed up, and security hardened.

Our back-end monitoring and logging system is completely custom and has many features built specifically for WordPress and WordPress Multisite networks to alert us to a variety of issues so we can react accordingly. Using a proactive approach with many layers of defense, your customer sites couldn’t be in better hands.

If you would like more technical information about some of the building blocks we use on our platform, we teach users how to secure their own websites in our free WordPress Security Course.

Recurring Revenue

We believe that businesses should run on a WIN-WIN-WIN philosophy. In all our work we look at how our cooperation is beneficial to all with mutual respect and transparency.

WINNER 1 – Customers

The customer has a website that works, doesn’t break on every update and each month receives a report detailing what’s been happening on their site.

The report also includes actionable items on improving site security, SEO, speed, email deliverability, and other technical checks.

Partners are also encouraged to add their recommendations for example graphic design issues, usability issues, content errors or any other issue professionals can see that the customer may not be aware of.

Goal: A long-lasting awesome site that does well in search engines and an easy-to-follow path on how to get there.

WINNER 2 – Partners

Partners earn a 20% commission for as long as the end customer is a customer. Of course, Partners can also generate revenue through suggestions and working on their customer sites.

Money isn’t everything though (but it’s nice to have). We give peace of mind that the back-end management of the sites is taken care of.

We support our Partners to get their work completed to the highest standard and we keep sites in the best shape possible.

Goal: Long-term relationships with customers. Building a stream of recurring income. Advanced support and help when needed.

WINNER 3 – WP-Ensure

Of course, we also like to win. Partners bring in customers, which increases our revenue and we can spend more time doing the things we love such as improving reporting, improving the platform, adding new features, and supporting our Partners and customers.

Goal: Long-lasting cooperation with Partners and end customers. Development of the platform to the benefit of all.