Website Protection Personalised

Attacks stopped on our customer sites in the last 30 days: 308807

About WP-Ensure

All the things we take care of:

Your Domain Name

  • Registrations and renewals
  • Redirects

Your DNS

  • Handled through CloudFlare
  • Email records setup
  • DNS record setup
  • Validation records for Google Workspace etc.
  • Bot activity and Cloudflare Pro when required.
  • Redundancy

Cloud Server (UpCloud)

  • Server load
  • Server uptime
  • Error logs
  • Visitor logs
  • PHP version
  • Restricting user access
  • Firewall restrictions

And these:

Your Website

  • Web Application Firewall
  • DB security hardening
  • File system hardening
  • Theme, plugins, and core updates
  • Code issues and errors from PHP versions
  • Technical SEO such as sitemaps
  • Matomo/Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools integrations
  • Speed issues
  • HTTP security headers


  • Monthly report with information on attacks, logs and completed work
  • Suggestions on how to improve security
  • Suggestions on how to improve SEO
  • Coding work for our clients

WP-Ensure is much more than just a WordPress premium hosting provider (although it does that very well too).

It’s a complete platform that gives you concrete tools and methods on how to improve the technical quality of your website which improves security, SEO, and speed.

We would love to be your Webmaster.

Read more about how WP-Ensure can improve your website or contact us for a free demo.


Everything you need to keep your website in tip-top condition all for one monthly fee.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting and installation so you can start off on the right foot.

» Read about our hosting.

Website Security

Never have to worry about WordPress or website security again.

» Read about website security.

Security Monitoring

Your site is monitored 24/7 for security issues and patched in real-time.

» Read about security monitoring.

Software Updates

We keep WordPress, themes and plugins up-to-date and ensure you have the safest plugins.

» Read about software updates.

Site Backup & Repair

Daily backup and repair service so your site can easily be restored should the worst happen.

» Read about backups and repair.


Regular and emergency support for whatever you’re trying to accomplish in WordPress.

» Read about support services.

WP-Ensure Agency Edition

We offer you peace of mind, regular customer contact and recurring monthly revenue.

Our agency edition gives agencies, web designers and freelancers the tools they need to keep their customer sites updated and secure. We also provide white-labelled tools so you can connect with your customer every month and generate recurring income.

Main Benefits

  • You and your customers never have to worry about backups, updates, or hacked websites ever again.
  • Generate recurring passive income that grows with your company.
  • Get coding and technical support for anything you want to do in WordPress.
  • Touch base with your customers every month through reporting and recommendations.
  • Improve your customer sites monthly for example SEO improvements, technical/code improvements, visual suggestions, etc. Generate repeat business easily.


Plan Comparison

Please contact us if you are unsure on which plan best suits you.

Get started with our Startup Security Audit. It’s completely free and will give you a basic idea of any major flaws in your site including any data leakage into Google and hazardous plugins.

Once the basic audit is complete you can consider a more in-depth audit while moving the site into our platform.

After that, we take care of all your updates, backups, security, monitoring and support. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.


Here are some of our wonderful customers.

“WP-Ensure has definitely tightened security on my site, and stopped malicious users in their tracks -Highly recommend!”

Laura Carroll –

We are currently offering free Startup Audits to help you get started in securing your site.