Technical Quality

Quality is hard to quantify since it means different things to different people but when we say quality, we mean something that lasts the test of time.

In WP-Ensure we use the phrase “technical quality” to mean how well your site stands up to different criteria. For example, the following factors are taken into consideration when assessing your website.

Website security

How well your website is protected against external threats? Is there DDoS protection in place? Do you have a Web Access Firewall (WAF) protecting your site or can bots directly access your server? When they get to your server, does your server recognize bad bots? How many login attempts can a brute force attack try before the server blocks them? Is there monitoring or logging installed on the site?

Critical Response

How quickly can backups be restored should the worst happen on your site? How quickly can your web host or developers react to downtime? What kind of alerts are in place if the site goes down? Who is monitoring the alerts?

Code Quality

There’s a huge difference between custom-coded themes and ready-made purchased themes. Your type of theme and which plugins are installed can improve or degrade your technical quality. How long will your theme be maintained? How old is the site? What version of PHP is it running on? In the case of ready-made themes, you can also ask: How long will this theme last? Many ready-made themes have a shelf-life.

Speed Quality

How quickly does your site load? How quickly does it load on mobile? Are the images optimized? Are the scripts and CSS optimized to make the site load as quickly as possible? Are you using a CDN for sharing images? How well is caching working?

Search Engine Optimization Quality

Does your site have a sitemap.xml? Is Google Console installed? Are there OG keywords and descriptions on all pages? Are the titles correct and SEO-friendly? Are the URLs SEO-friendly? Is robots.txt blocking something it shouldn’t, or revealing more than it should?

In Conclusion

As you can see there’s a lot that goes into assessing a website which affects security, usability, and also how well search engines index your site and choose rankings. These are all elements we take seriously and involve in our reporting system to give you the best tools to improve your site.

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