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Secure Your Website

Our customers never need to stress about website security.

Step 1: Audit

We do a quick (and free!) security audit of your website and send you a report of the risks found.

  • Find out how you can secure your website better and possible problems before they become problems.
  • Send the report to your developers or take care of the issues yourself.
  • Completely free and does not obligate you to purchase our services. We will never spam you.

Step 2: Secure

The audit gives you actionable items that you can take care of internally or through the WP-Ensure platform.

  • Learn how to secure your own website (we have a course for that).
  • Move your site onto the WP-Ensure platform and we can take care of the issues for you and continue to take care of your site.
  • 30-day free trial with free migration to AND away if you don’t like our services.

Step 3: Enjoy

Sleep well knowing that your website is well taken care of. You’ll receive a report each month detailing how.

  • The best and fastest cloud servers anywhere in the world.
  • The best and fastest DNS and DDoS protection available.
  • WordPress WAF security installed.
  • Security and software updates.
  • Completely unique monitoring to solve issues quickly.
  • Technical support always available.

Security Checklist

Here are a few things you could check yourself.

  • DNS hosting quality and speed.
  • Website hosting quality and speed.
  • WordPress version.
  • Major plugins and versions such as WooCommerce and form plugins especially.
  • How many users are on the site and what are their roles?
  • Are there any dangerous plugins such as file managers or plugins that are too powerful to keep installed permanently?
  • Commenting possibility? Is it needed?
  • How many spam comments are in the queue? (This indicates general bot activity)
  • How many plugins are installed but not activated?
  • How many plugins are activated that might not have a purpose?
  • How many themes are installed and can you delete everything apart from your own themes and the latest WP default theme?
  • Do you have any security plugins installed?
  • Is your login protected?

Step 1: Audit

A startup audit is a great way to find out whether your website is at risk so you can take action to solve issues before they become problems.

Here are some of the things we check during a startup audit:

  1. Data leakage from the code of your site. This can tell us information about your WordPress versions, plugins installed, old plugins, old core versions, etc.
  2. Information about your DNS hosting and how well you are protected against DDoS attacks.
  3. Information about your current hosting, how quick the server is to respond and potential issues with how it is performing.

Our startup security audits are entirely passive. We will not try to break into your website. We gather risks from the public-facing side of your website (just like the bots do).

Step 2: Secure Your Site

In 2017 we realized the need for better security and management of our customer sites. We started developing the WP-Ensure platform which combines best practices and services to ensure sites are well maintained, backed up, and security hardened.

Our back-end monitoring and logging system is completely custom and has many features built specifically for WordPress and WordPress Multisite networks to alert us to a variety of issues so we can react accordingly. Using a proactive approach with many layers of defense, your site couldn’t be in better hands.

If you would like more technical information about some of the building blocks we use on our platform, we teach users how to secure their own websites in our free WordPress Security Course.