Website Security Monitoring

It’s scary to think Big Brother is watching you, but it’s important to stay up to date with who is visiting your sites (bots? humans?) and what they are doing there. Our monitoring solution alerts us to any issues before they become problems.

What is security monitoring?

Security monitoring allows us to watch what is happening on your website and react to any potential and upcoming issues before they become a big problem.

Our monitoring server and plugins are completely custom coded so we can extract data in the future and modify the system to react to new threats and bring new issues to our attention.

Our monitoring control panel.

A Real-life Example

Our custom monitoring plugin reports website activity to our central server. One example of data collected is failed logins. When bots try to keep logging into your site with different password combinations (a brute-force attack) we can see from our centralised control panel the number of attacks, what usernames they are trying to crack etc. Using this information we can tighten your site firewall to react aggressively to these attacks and lock the bots out before they have a chance to guess your password.

Off-site Logging

Website activity logs are good to have but they’re not much use if they’re stored on the same server as the website. If the website is attacked, the logs may be giving the hackers clues on how to open the website up even more. By storing your activity logs off-site, we can ensure that we can follow the trail of any suspicious activity should the worst happen to your site.

Monitored Information

Our control panel ties together multiple tools and we keep an eye on things such as malware scan results, SSL certificate expiration, uptime/downtime, brute-force attacks and security plugin statuses. We can also integrate with Google Analytics to get visitor amounts and other information that can help improve your website.

Data is deleted automatically after three months and access to any logs is restricted. The information is never shared with any outside parties, any integrations are one-way only coming into our server.

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