Website Urgent Repair

We offer a fast cleaning and repair service for WordPress websites that have been hacked or damaged.

Hack Repair

There’s nothing scarier than a message from your host (or worse yet on the front of your website) saying your site has been hacked. If your site has been compromised we get your site back up and running as quickly as possible.

The service includes:

  • Full or partial restoration from available backups.
  • Putting the site into maintenance mode until it’s safe to be seen again.
  • Complete filesystem scans and integrity checks against the WordPress repository.
  • Security audit of all plugins and themes.
  • Website cleanup of infected content.
  • Security hardening and updates to secure your site against further infection.
  • A full report on what was found and how the infection happened and one month free of our WP-Ensure service so we can keep an eye on your site for a while, as well as show you what the service can do for you.


Our repair service is billed at our hourly rate of 95 EUR/USD/GBP. Fill out the form below to receive an estimate.

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