Case Study: Cyber Citizen Initiative

Tight deadline, multilingual, ready-made theme and some custom coding. No problem.

We are honoured to be a small part of the Cyber Citizen Initiative by Aalto University. The initiative aims to develop a model for European citizens to learn cyber security and can be found at the address

The project needed a web presence quickly with multilingual capabilities and a few different post types. We decided that a ready-made theme would be the fastest and best option for the current phase of the project. We created a plugin with custom post types for managing different content.

We created a basic structure and page layout using the Divi builder and after approval, the customer could add content. After the Finnish version of the site was ready and approved, it was a quick job to copy the content to the English pages where the other content could be added.

There were also a few Divi bugs that had to be worked out, mainly divider lines showing where they shouldn’t.

Security and maintenance are managed by our WP-Ensure platform and we look forward to seeing how this project develops and also how to improve cyber security awareness for everyone.

Author Info: Lisa Karvonen

Lissu is a full-stack developer who started working in WordPress in 2003. Since then she has coded plugins, themes and applications for companies and organizations in both WordPress and Multisite as well as other PHP/MySQL applications.

She started developing the WP-Ensure platform in 2017 as a response to customer site attacks and has been steadily improving and growing the company and platform since then.

She's originally from Scotland but lives in Finland with her husband, son, two dogs, two cats and a reef tank.

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