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Marketing is a tricky beast. As natural nerds with complex privacy needs, we’d rather the company grow through word of mouth, preferably whispered in potential customers’ ears.

Unfortunately, that won’t work and a company or service can’t grow if people don’t know about it. So it’s finally time to start showing off what it’s all about.

To that end, we have created two new videos. One focuses on Starter Audits and the other (published today) explains what the platform is about and how it all fits together. You can see both of them here or see our profile on Vimeo.

We hope through video to start illuminating what we do and are passionate about!

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

Author Info: Lisa Karvonen

Lissu is a full-stack developer who started working in WordPress in 2003. Since then she has coded plugins, themes and applications for companies and organizations in both WordPress and Multisite as well as other PHP/MySQL applications.

She started developing the WP-Ensure platform in 2017 as a response to customer site attacks and has been steadily improving and growing the company and platform since then.

She's originally from Scotland but lives in Finland with her husband, son, two dogs, two cats and a reef tank.

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