Freelancers + WP-Ensure

WP-Ensure secures your customer sites, offers you technical support, and builds recurring revenue for you.

Our partner program is open to graphic designers, freelancers, and other WordPress creatives who care about giving quality support and building long-term relationships with their customers.

We work closely with our partners and are picky about who we work with because we want to ensure quality across the board for end-users, our partners, and of course our own reputation.

We are proud to serve all sizes of companies and our partners range from single-person freelancers to larger marketing agencies.

Partner Program Features

WP-Ensure Platform

Your customers’ sites are in good hands, managed on our WP-Ensure Platform. Our platform secures, maintains, and monitors your customer sites or Multisite networks using the best tools and practices freeing you up to concentrate on the work you like to do rather than the frustrating technical side.

Your Own Tech Department

We offer all the technical expertise to host, secure, support, and maintain your customer sites. We also have developers to help you edit themes, CSS, broken plugins, and other changes.

We offer you priority support so we can help you with anything you are trying to achieve. Theme and plugin recommendations as well as best practices and SEO methods are all at your disposal.

We can advise you on how to build almost any kind of site or application to make websites that last the test of time.

Reporting and Suggestions

Every month (or week if required) we send reports to customers with information about work completed. The report also contains recommendations on how to improve the technical quality of the site.

As a partner, you can see our recommendations, write your own, and also have a point of contact every month with customers. This is a great way to serve customers, touch base and improve their sites as well as build new revenue for yourself.

20% Commission

As well as building revenue through the report system, as a partner you will also receive a 20% commission on every plan sold for as long as that customer remains a customer. This is a great way for you to build recurring revenue.

Commissions are collected monthly and a commission report is sent to you. You can allow it to collect in your partner account, or you can take it out monthly.

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