WP-Ensure for WordPress Multisite

We offer specialized security and support for WordPress Multisite networks.

WordPress Multisite is a way to have a network of websites within one WordPress installation. Multisite can be as little as two websites, all the way up to thousands or even millions (WordPress.com is powered by Multisite).

Using Multisite, you can build blog networks, website networks, Software as a Service platforms (SaaS), or any other application that might require lots of users, editors, and contributors. A common use for Multisite is in educational institutions where users (and content) can be added and removed quickly. Another common use is for companies with multiple divisions each requiring their own domain.

Multisite runs on one WordPress installation so the vulnerabilities and threats are the same as for regular WordPress (see more here), but Multisite also has some unique security threats.

User Access Threats

Multisite is made for groups of users with different permissions and site roles. This means there can be people logging in who hardly have any rights (subscribers) right up to people who have rights to the whole network (Network administrators).

With so many roles and permissions, it can be difficult to stay on top of who should be able to access where.

Bots can use and find escalated privilege vulnerabilities to escalate their permissions from hardly any to admin or network rights.

Not to mention bad-intentioned users who want to damage or destroy a site or network. Part of good security is keeping on top of the user table and permissions. Giving the least amount of rights and cleaning up old users who no longer need access. 2FA is also one method of securing a network properly.

Volume of Plugins and Themes

Since Multisite is running multiple websites, each website may require its own themes or plugins. This can lead to an abundance of plugins and themes (each of which could contain vulnerabilities to be exploited).

Maintaining, updating, removing, testing, and adding plugins is best left to a specialist who understands your goals and can offer the best solutions for your needs which is why WP-Ensure was developed.

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