Our weekly or monthly reports are at the heart of our platform.

Not only do the reports inform you about updates and other work completed on your site, but they also contain information on how to improve the technical quality of your site.

Report Contents

Each report contains a log of what has been done and updated on your site. It also contains information on blocked attacks and what WP-Ensure has blocked during the timeframe. Also included are manually added logs for any work completed, tickets solved, etc.

In addition to logging and security information, the report also includes suggestions and checks of critical things on your site that can be used to improve the technical quality of your website which includes things such as important SEO features (sitemap.xml, title problems, missing pages, page speed etc) as well as methods to improve email deliverability (for example missing SPF records, DKIM settings). Also info on how to improve server security and website security settings.

The report is much more than just a record of everything done, we help your website and company improve.

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