Security Auditing

Website Security for Everyone

Security auditing has traditionally been limited to large companies and infrastructure. The costs associated with testing can be prohibitively expensive and most small and medium companies have websites or intra that are missing even basic security practices.

We offer website security auditing and consulting for WordPress and WordPress Multisite.

WordPress Security Course

If you want to learn more about WordPress security, we have a free course available that teaches you everything you need to help you secure your site. You can use this information as a good basis for auditing your own website for free.

What is a security audit?

A security audit looks at different factors such as server, server settings, website software, plugins, themes as well as information leakage into search engines such as Google. The results are collected into a report with recommendations on how to improve the issues.

How long does an audit take?

A manual audit will take three business days to complete. The audit is not automated. The scope of the audit should be discussed with our specialists in advance.

How much does an audit cost?

We consult and complete audits based on our hourly rate of 95 EUR / hour + VAT (where applicable). A very basic website audit could be completed in only 2-3 hours, however, a larger multisite or custom application takes a lot longer. Contact us for a free estimate.

What if there are important issues that should be fixed?

You should discuss the changes with your current website maintainer. You can also consider contacting us for an estimate and the WP-Ensure service will take care of your site.

What if there are no issues that should be fixed?

That’s a great starting point. Unfortunately, when it comes to security, there are always flaws to be found but they might be a bit deeper than a limited audit can find. You might want to consider having a more in-depth audit completed but at least you have the peace of mind that there are no obvious flaws that can be exploited.

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